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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pomona art wall

HI All, last Thursday morning I was invited down to Pomona shops to view the start of the Pomona Art Wall. This is an idea that has come about from interaction between Sharon Hook and ‘Greenmongers’. The latter is a group set up by the staff at a few embassies to promote community help projects in and around Harare.


His Worship, the Mayor of Harare, Clr Ben Manyenyeni was there along with the Australian Ambassador plus ladies from the Finnish Embassy and helpers from Miracle Missions. They all rolled up their sleeves to help start painting the undercoat. The wall is on the Borrowdale Road opposite Sam Levy’s Village behind the last remaining batch of fir trees. Large amounts of rubbish were taken away by Chris Seager’s team from Bitumen World to clear the passage way between the wall and trees. They are planning to build a short cycle track there soon as well as a bus terminus.

There are, apparently, hundreds of kids that alight Kombis from that area en route to school every day and Greenmongers feel that the messages conveyed on the wall will be interpreted wisely by the children.


The Pomona Art wall has been divided into about 30 short sections and each will be ‘sold’ to respected artists so that they can paint something notable according to the general theme of Recycling Materials. If you would like to join in this project then please contact Sharon . Note the ‘tyre’ bin (4th pic) that Sharon is showing off – made out of 5 old tyres with a removable bin liner inside

Keep your eyes posted for what aspires to be a major draw card to the area.

Mike G.

1 comment:

  1. Hello All... my name is arthur byers. and I would love to be part of the Pamona Artwall project. Please contact me on 0777959642 or email on . I am very creative and talented. God bless you all :)