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Monday, October 12, 2015


I find constant complaints about the lack of Zesa quite annoying, considering that there have been warnings, press statements, emails flying around, stories about Kariba power supply etc. etc. etc.  We KNEW this would happen, why does everyone keep going on about it.  No amount of whinging is going to stop what is happening.  I believe we just have to be ready for cuts at any time - batteries kept charged, generator fuel in stock, candle supply topped up.  It’s going to be a long, tough ride !


I phoned our Zesa Foreman at the depot in our area and shared the exciting news that there was now a schedule so when would it be enforced.  This was his reply………..”MADAM THERE IS NO POWER TO PUT ON A SCHEDULE NO ONE IS ADHERING TO THE SCHEDULE AS THE CAPACITY OF THE POWER DOES NOT EXIST”  In a nutshell it isn’t going to HAPPEN.  Many promises but no fulfilment.   Kind regards  Jenny Swift


I have read through the lake report each time its sent out. From what i can make out the lake (kariba) will hit its minimum generating capacity ( if rains do not fall) sometime towards the end of the year. I interpret this as meaning that kariba has not yet reached its minimum generating capacity, which I then surmise means we should still be getting a regular power supply? I stand to be corrected in this. Alternatively, If kariba has 'throttled back' the generating capacity, has zambia also done this or is Zimbabwe taking all the flak? Also, I'm sure many have also thought of the following ideas but what of building secondary and perhaps tertiary walls a bit further downstream? Not as big but but they would allow the same water to be used more than once to generate power. Some countries actually pump the water used to generate power back uphill to replenish the reservoir. I'm aware that all ideas could have knock on effect but  Surely governments answers to this crisis cannot be to ban high power appliances? That is simply ludicrous. I would love to hear more knowledgeable peoples views on these topics.  Sirbrowndsound


I live in Chadcombe, Msasa Park area and the past two weeks funny as this may sound Zesa has stuck to that schedule, but now this week it’s not…which means the staff at Coventry road are on rotation and this week we have the “nasty” couldn’t give a damn staff on duty.  This is what I have noticed and paid particular attention too. Regards Amelia


Whilst fully understanding the requirement for load shedding, it appears certain areas get preferential treatment .i.e. only 4-6 hours off per day, or in many cases no load shedding at all. Too many VIP circuits. Spread the load a bit!!


My sister in law contacted ZESA yesterday to complain  - only to be told that  the load shedding schedule was a guide  - no guarantee of power.  Frustrating,  inconvenient but sadly a reality. The future in the short term is bleak; you have little choice other than to make the best plan you can obviously dependent on your circumstances, this forum is best served  I think, by hearing from those readers that have  “made a plan” its cold comfort knowing we are all in the same boat, but  interested / helpful to know what individuals have done. I have installed a solar pool pump. Peter


I live @ 21 Victoria Drive, Newlands and ZESA are not abiding by this load-shedding schedule e.g. yesterday (Monday) went in the morning ±5:30am only to return last night at ±10:00pm.

Gone this morning (Tuesday) ‘again’…..±5:30am  They are “nuts”!!


Many thanks for sending this out, but I feel a serious discussion ought to be started about this.


For a start, this is a complete farce. ZESA have no intention of sticking to this or any schedule, so why do they even insult us by drafting and publishing it? Instead this is compete incompetency and obliviousness masquerading as planning and efficiency when we know all too well that no one is remotely interested in overseeing the fair distribution of these power cuts.


Sure, there is an electricity deficit. The fact that our government has done nothing whatsoever to provide for the inevitable surge in demand for power over the last 35 years aside, at least dealing with the problem in a fair and equitable way now so that all citizens share in the problem should be the least they can do. Instead, as we all know, and despite any schedule they will produce, some areas of Harare are cut ceaselessly all day and all night every day while others inexplicably never seem to see load shedding at all.


Why should some of us bear this burden so brutally while others are spared even the smallest inconvenience?


I am listed for the Ballantyne Park area. We have cuts virtually every day of the week, from around 6:30 am to well after 10:30 pm most of the time. Sunday, for example, the power was out at 06:52 am and came back at 23:30 pm. According to the schedule we were only meant to be cut from 05:00 am to 13:00. Yesterday, the power was out at 05:33 am and according to the schedule was meant to return at 13:00. In fact it came back at 21:30. Today we are not scheduled to have a cut in the morning, but already, as I write, the power is out.


In contrast, I know for a fact that large parts of Alex Park, the Avenues, Avondale, Glen Lorne and some other areas, which, according to the schedule are meant to have cuts equally with other affected areas, are hardly ever cut. In fact, I know from a friend of mine in Alex Park who has not suffered a cut in over three months and even then, for a mere three hours!


How can this possibly be fair? Why is ZESA not urgently addressing this problem and making sure that all areas can be cut equally so that we can all share this problem fairly? Hospitals and state installations should be put onto direct lines or bypassed from suburbs.


The cost to a business or family who need to source virtually all their own power all day every day is simply an unjust tax on ZESA’s inability to come up with a fair distribution model during this crisis.



Neal Hovelmeier


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