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Friday, May 14, 2010

An idea????

This email was sent to me by one of the bambazonke nhasi readers regarding the US Cents change at shops – anyone like to follow up on this great idea for Zim shops?

Just back from the shops and while paying, and trying to "square up" the change, the lady behind me had an excellent suggestion. I thought perhaps you could give it some "brainstorming" and with your connections may be able to put something in place? Her idea was to have "charity collection box" and anyone having "change" due to them, like the 0.23c etc - instead of the sweets and bubblegums ( so tired of!) , we the customer can get a "credit note" from the supermarket and post it into a locked collection box, and then once a month, the charity representative is present when the shop opens it, cashes up the total credit and the charity then gets to "shop" and redeem the credits in the form of groceries, or if say SPCA, then dogmeal, cleaning materials etc etc as I do not think the shops would be happy to pay out cash??

These could be placed at the more "affluent" shops , not only "chain" shops like Spar and Bon marche but also e.g. Belvedere Trading?? Someone/organisation would have to get involved to sponsor the "collection" boxes u know anyone at any of the chain supermarkets who could initiate this?

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