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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have been without a decent Internet connection for weeks!  Things seem to be back to normal now! Lets hope they stay that way.
We have taken the bull by the horns and started to upgrade our solar system.
We had solar lights - put them in about 20 years ago - but with all our power cuts and the cost of power we decided to get our system up to scratch.
We now can run the computer and printer, the TV (vital for news), the alarm system, the gate bell and a few small appliances as well as chargers for cell phones etc.
All very exciting - the next step is LED lights - also run off solar.  Hope we will be able to run almost our whole house on the system.
We should have hours and hours of power as the system recharges as we use the appliances, lights and all.
Makes our power cuts a bit more cheerful!
Last week we had 50 hours at a stretch - not pleasant.
We have converted a freezer to a holdover deep freeze by freezing 2 litre plastic bottles with water in them as long as we only open the freezer for a few minutes this keeps everything frozen for at least 3 days.
Going green is not only an environmental issue  not only saves money but here it helps with the stress we have on a daily basis.

It amazes me that in a country like ours with so much sunshine that more people do not go solar.  We no longer have the sound and smell of a generator - although we have to put up with our neighbour's noise.  I am telling everyone about solar power now.
We have a solar geyser as well and every day we have masses of really hot water.  What a pleasure.

Our borehole still has to run on ZESA power but we will get that changed over one day.  We store water in a 5000 litre tank which gravity feeds to the house and garden - this means we no longer have to cart water for the bathrooms and kitchen from the swimming pool!

Next stop - a solar cooker - i have the design just need to make it up!

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