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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is what is happening here.....this e-mail was forwarded to

Hi All

Last night (5th of May) I had my eyes opened in a big way. I feel that I need to share my experience, especially with parents who are allowing their kids out. Parents need to know what their children may experience and we need to stop people from getting away with such behaviour. I have never had an experience like this before so please do not think it happens every night.

Last night at about half eleven, Storm and myself arrived at a club called Rock Ball. Most of you would have seen it on Harare Drive . Within about half an hour I was offered drugs to buy by an elderly white man around the age of fifty. I refused the drugs and was surprised as to how this man could just walk up to strangers and offer drugs so openly. As the night progressed this man was acting really strangely. Not only that but he kept returning to the entrance where the bouncers were and was fussing over two cooler bags. I could see the bouncers were very uneasy about this. A bit later I saw two packets of mushrooms being taken out of the bag and could not believe that the man was wondering around with Packets of Magic mushrooms and selling them to individuals around the bar. Surprisingly, most of the clients seemed to be groups of men from the ages of 50 and up. I witnessed the group taking the drugs but am very sure there were many drug users that night. Another thing that was confusing me was the police that were wandering around outside the club and around the entrance. All the times I have been out I have never seen policeman on the grounds of a Club.

As the night went on I was beginning to feel really uncomfortable with the behaviour of some of the men. I decided it was definitely time to leave when some of the guys in my group of friends were also becoming annoyed and talking to the bouncers who seemed to be unable to do anything. As I walked out, I noticed a white car idling by the entrance full of African people all with drinks in their hands, including the driver. I was highly annoyed by the sight of the driver drinking and had to stop myself from saying anything. Storm was a few steps behind and as she passed the car, some of the men grabbed her hands through the window and began chatting her up and were not releasing her. Eventually they let go and after saying our good-byes to some friends, we got into the car and left. It was about half three in the morning and we came across a red robot. As I have practised many times, I checked there were no vehicles and went through the red robot. I have been told many times that two girls driving at night should not stop if it can be avoided. A few minutes later the white vehicle that had grabbed Storm was flagging us down telling us to stop and shining a torch into my car. They claimed to be the police and I refused to stop until they could prove to me they were police. Our initial reaction was we were being hi-jacked. One of them handed over an ID card and so we stopped. Luckily while this was happening Storm had managed to phone one of our male friends. The vehicle that had stopped us had eight people who were armed. Some were in uniform and some not. They were telling us I had to follow them to the police station as they were going to arrest us, keep us over night and we would have a few hours of Communal Labour to do. Not once did they ask if I had been drinking or for my driver’s licence. When we explained why we went through a red robot they told us that the security was much better in Zimbabwe than South Africa and that we were in Borrowdale area and hijacking did not happen in the area. Our friend arrived a few minutes later and we had to bribe the men to let us go. Only once we left did we realise they had followed us all the way from Rock Ball.

There seemed to be a large amount of corrupt things happening that night and I hope this has given some of you an idea on what goes on. How is it that people who are meant to be protecting citizens can turn a blind eye to drugs but worry about a red robot being overshot? A stop needs to be put to drugs and if we can not rely on the law, we need to come together as a community and put a stop to it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please do forward this to people as they need to know what is going on.


Clea Bridges

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