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Friday, May 28, 2010


As of now I have been to two concerts at the Racecourse, and both time have come away on a low..

I would just like to find out whether this Prime Circle show would entail any security in the car park? As the last two shows I have been to at Borrowdale Racecourse (Prime Circle - last year & Mean Mr Mustard this year) .... my car was vanalised the first time, and my friend an I were mugged in the car park the second time.

I am not sure who organised the last two shows, but would like to think that the people who do organise these event would kindly take into consideration young girls safety? We both had VIP tickets, but clearly both time those do not mean anything with concerns to our safety outside the Fusion premises.

I am now too scared to go to another show at the Borrowdale Racecourse as who knows what will happen to me next. Is it too much to ask for a little more security? I, of course, will not be attending any future events at the Racecourse for fear of what will happen next time to me.. I just hope for the sake of other young girls like myself who have a fantastic night out at these concerts will come away safely..

Who knows what will happen to the next girl this Saterday?? We obviously have to fend for ourselves as the organisers of these events have looked past the safety of the people attending these concerts and have not bothered to make an effort for our security!!

Kindest Regards (unknown)

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