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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

British Passports

Just a quick note to advise that from around 15 September UK passports will no longer be produced in Pretoria but will come form the UK.  Applications will still be taken in at the Embassy in Harare in the usual way and sent to Pretoria. However Pretoria will then enter the information electronically and the actual passport books will be printed in the UK. Processing time should take around 4 weeks. However there may be a few initial teething problems.  There will also be additional charges levied for courier services to get the passports form the UK to Harare. We expect this to be in the region of US$40. If you know anyone who has been putting off applying for a passport, encourage them to get their application in soon, especially if they are elderly or short of funds. Regards Lorraine Shaw (Belvedere Correspondent)

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