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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Please also be aware, today, a lady had her window of her car smashed and her handbag taken from her car outside of a nursery school - Emerald Hill. Please don’t leave anything of value in your cars, never leave your handbag or computer etc in your car.

Today around 4pm – Wednesday 14th September 2011 – in Emerald Hill. I have heard that this same vehicle has been spotted in Chisipite and Borrowdale. Two ladies and I (with 4 children present) were sitting at kids tennis coaching when we saw a man – very smartly dressed – hovering around our cars. On a second look we noticed a second man keeping vigil. I shouted across the tennis court at this chap, who casually put his hands in the air and “assured us not to worry” and carried on looking in the windows of the two vehicles parked. By this stage we knew something was very amiss and we started shouting and shouting. These two men casually walked out the gate where there was a C-class silver merc waiting. Got in it and sped off.

Please let all your friends in the area know and be on the lookout for any suspicious people in a silver (very expensive NEW) Mercedes benz.

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