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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notice sent to me

I just wanted to share some numbers with you that I wish I had had in my phone on Sunday and hope that by making you aware, it may help someone in a similar situation - although what we went through I would not wish on anyone.

My mother, brother and I were the victims of an armed robbery and with guns at our heads gave up the cash we had, as the thieves demanded.

For a moment my mother and I were aware of their presence before they were of ours and not knowing who else to call phoned my brother for help - he was escorted in at gunpoint and the whole thing kicked off.

Unfortunately the panic button didn't work as the battery had not been checked for months(!) - but amazingly it suddenly went off as a delayed reaction about 15 minutes into the ordeal, resulting in a response team arriving a while after, albeit too late but they had informed the Police Emergency Reaction Team and CID Homicide from Central Police Station all who were very switched on and actively intent on catching these sort of guys. Each Unit said we should have phoned them but we had no idea they even existed - I feel I should share the numbers with you all as in an emergency it seemed they were prepared to respond:

Police Special Tactic: 04- 497906 and the one in charge who came to our house was Inspector Meyaphi and his number is: 0772 461 395 CID - Homocide: D/S Milward 0773 025 695

I have received many emails of random attacks and for some reason lived in a fantasy bubble of thinking it would never happen to me, but I can tell you it is really horrendous when it does and would encourage you all to list these numbers under "A" in your address book so that they are the first numbers you hit when going there and not a fiddle to find - our story would have turned out very differently if we'd known and been able to use these numbers!
We are all so grateful to not have been hurt, just very shaken! I send this with love to you all and pray that you stay safe.

Best regards,

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