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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Former Raffingora farmer, Keith Nicolson, killed

Former Raffingora farmer, Keith Nicolson, killed


Keith Nicolson, who farmed previously in Raffingora and then in the DRC and

Zambia before returning recently to Zimbabwe to retire, was shot and killed

in the Banket district while trying to rescue a neighbour who had been

abducted by four heavily armed men on Tuesday.

The group gained entry through the security boom into the Gold Dust Village

at Mazvikadei Dam under false pretences. They then proceeded to the house of

local garage owner Mr Tim Morgan where they again gained access to the house

on the pretence of wanting to visit one of the gardeners employed by the

Morgans. They then tied up all the staff and ransacked the house but could

not find any money.

When Mr and Mrs Morgan returned in the evening they were ambushed and tied

up. They then took Mr Morgan back to his garage in his Toyota twincab. At

this stage Mrs Morgan was able to alert neighbours in the village, Messrs

Henry Allam, Keith Nicolson and other unnamed persons who followed the

stolen vehicle in which the kidnapped garage owner was being driven away in.

They followed it down the Raffingora Road for some distance but once the

occupants of the vehicle noticed they were being followed they stopped and

turned the vehicle around to shine the lights onto the vehicle following

them. They then fired many rounds at the vehicle forcing it off the road and

for the occupants to take cover. There was an ensuing gun battle as

occupants of the other vehicle also fired back. The time was now 9.30 pm.

Three of the group then ran into the bush away from the vehicle so Mr Keith

Nicolson, thinking that everyone had run from the vehicle, rushed forward to

release the hostage, Mr Morgan. However, he was immediately shot dead by a

fourth attacker who was still in the vehicle, who subsequently ran away. Mr

Morgan managed to flee the vehicle uninjured and the vehicle was abandoned

and henceforth recovered.

The armed gang was believed to have subsequently been collected and driven

away in another vehicle, the registration details of which are apparently


The deceased, Mr Keith Nicolson, had recently returned to Mazvikadei to


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