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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anti-hijack Trust

The Trust would like to draw to your attention that there is a lot of goings on in and around most suburbs. Security must also be applied during the day, as thefts have been recorded during broad day light hours. These thieves are not shy, and are bold enough to walk straight into the property with or without accomplices or tip offs from the know in the area or property. This can be from casual talk outside the gate, falling into wrong hands. Please keep gates locked alarms on during the day when you are not at home. Have your staff briefed on the security to prevent ‘off the cuff’ break ins. Report any suspicious gatherings and vehicles cruising around the neighbourhood, this could prevent crime in your area. A white BMW (old type), a dark blue pickup with a canopy, all with no number plates

Reports of conmen wanting to contact ‘their boss’ as they have run out of fuel. You are then asked to assist with money on the reassurance of being refunded by the ‘boss’ who will speak to you on the phone ….. this is all a con … so BEWARE !

Do not buy any equipment i.e. cameras, lens, tripods, laptops, mobile phones or jewellery from arbitrary people or salesmen coming into your work places or home premises, check for identity of the sales person and valid invoices of proof of goods being supplied before making any purchases….. it is a criminal offense to buy stolen property.

The continual long powers cuts we are all experiencing at present, be it load shedding or faults, will mean that the security backup systems will need to be in good running order with regular servicing, to keep all security systems working to the max. …. gate and house remotes checked on a monthly basis with the rapid response teams. Vehicles always locked and alarmed at all times. This is a repeat reminder …..

Be Aware, and report any suspicious happenings ….. It’s far better to be safe than sorry and we owe it to one another, we live in a community .. make Zimbabwe safe to come home to and to visit.

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !



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