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Friday, February 17, 2012

What a “Con Artist”!!!

I replied to Lorraine's plea of yesterday regarding this matter, there was a similar man in Chisipite, the Chisi grade 5 girls collected money and bought him a wheelchair he seemed very grateful but we never saw him in it, this was a few years ago. Just wonder if it's the same man?

I too asked an NGO that distributes wheel chairs to give him one and the guys at the NGO said that they had approached him and he didn’t want one, as he gets more money from people who take pity on him when they see him dragging himself along.


This story has been going around for a long time, this man sells the chair to get money for alcohol.


Yes the same story - this man was given a wheelchair from the Chisipite Interact Club when my daughter was at school - few weeks after the presentation he was again seen on the road without the chair - told us he sold it because he could make more money without it!!


The guys name is Abraim of something similar… we got him a wheelchair and tried to help him!

He sold the wheelchair!!! Because he gets more money begging on the ground than in a wheelchair. He also

Did not want to work, he wanted to just beg. We left him alone as a lost cause.

He does not want help and any help you give him, he will sell it off.


Hi there, I know this little man as he is in the Avondale area a lot. He does have a wheel chair - he often stops outside my office in it. Also a few years ago I got him a skate board which I have never seen him use. It is good to see caring people out there !


If this is the same person who hangs around Churchill Road, Mt Pleasant and behind Avondale, often seen lying on the side of the road, he has been doing this routine for years. A Christian friend of mine picked him up one day, took him home, bathed and clothed him and arranged for him to go to Jairos Jiri in Bulawayo. He didn’t want to go to Bulawayo having lived behind the Mt Pleasant shops for a number of years being fed by Bon Marche and well wishers in the car park. He used to have a wheel chair, but probably sold it.


I saw your email today and thought I should let you in on a few things, a few years ago I worked on Churchill Ave and used to see this man on a daily basis, I to felt sorry for him, helped him with accommodation at our company premises and organized him a wheelchair and he said that he needed money to get back home to Mozambique, which I organized and a bus ticket, took him off to the bus station and sent him on his way, telling the bus driver the whole story.

Blow me down, a few months later I saw him again, shuffling his way down Churchill, I went back with one of my workers and asked him to find out what had happened to the wheelchair, the trip to Moz etc. only to be told that he had sold the wheelchair because he gets more money from people like us when we see him shuffling along rather than being in a chair. I do not have any regrets in helping this guy, but I do think you should be careful as he does not seem to appreciate what has been done for him.

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