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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Police harassment

We had a break in at our offices last night and lost a lot of stock.

Some people came to ask our security guard for water because their car had a radiator problem.

After being helped they gave the security guard a bottle of juice and a pork pie as a thank you.

When the day guard came the night guard was fast asleep and the whole place was ransacked.

We lost 4 laptops, an iPad, cameras and cartridges. After investigations we have concluded that the guard

was drugged and the police have said a number similar cases have been reported of late.

Please notify your security personal urgently. The security guard is currently in hospital as I write this note.


One day a chap comes to the office and requests $800 for the purchase of petrol on promotion – sent by one of the directors apparently. We validate and figure out that it’s a con artist, hold the guy until the cops arrive who book them. The guy was then released on bail and charges dropped as attempted fraud isn’t punishable...we ended up with additional charges (security company). It could well be another chap.


Good day Mike, yes, there are quite a few con artists going round, white Afrikaners coming up from SA to grease here for a short while as well, very professional! I’ve heard another 3 similar stories before last Christmas, all involving medical emergencies, doctors demanding payments before proceeding with operation or something, and “bosses” somewhere on their way, ready to pay all the expenses, but still a bit far from Harare. Very believable elaborated stories, with all the right details, and very well played.


Police harassment has got ridiculous. Unauthorised roadblocks, demanding fines in excess what is laid down in law, demanding fines for offences which are not offences, threatening behaviour etc., etc. It has to stop or, at the very least, be substantially curtailed.

My daughter, on her own, was threatened with a dangerous driving charge, with six months imprisonment would you believe, for allegedly entering a supermarket car park the wrong way i.e. in the out and not in the in. There is no correct way in or out marked of course but that did not stop him. It was only when my daughter started taking photos on her cell phone of the way that she had entered the car park that this fat cop relented.

This is just one example. We are all fed up. Enough is enough.

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