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Monday, August 20, 2012


It seems that every report you open has some crime related incident ….. and new ‘methods’ or plans from the underworld revealed which means that we all have to have security as a TOP priority in our daily lives.  This includes the general maintenance of all alarm systems, remotes, batteries and  insurance , infact anything that is related to the safety of all family, staff, the home and business premises.  Sadly, nothing is full proof, but it’s a peace of mind to know that as much as possible has been secured and that staff are constantly reminded on a regular basis so as to become second nature and automatically carried out on a daily basis. The continual load shedding and incessant power cuts play a major part in the organization of this.  Its so easy to have hindsight after the event of what you should have done ……
Gate electronics are being interfered with in broad day light and the perpetrators gaining access to the property and bold enough to speak to you.  Be on your guard, keep gates locked at all times, the gate will be more difficult to be removed or forced off the rails. All are well dressed, well spoken and most times there is a getaway car parked outside the gate or in the vicinity for a quick getaway.   This incident happened in Emerald Hill, but they move from suburb to suburb.  Before entering your gate, please be aware of your surroundings and the gathering of people by or near your entrance, if in doubt drive on do NOT stop, call a back up or report to the nearest Police Station or satellite post. You need to be safe, as it’s been noted that touts are out there, casing the areas picking up as much information on the community in the area, do not be complacent you could be next …….
It’s our duty to help in making our suburbs crime free ….. report all incidents or any suspicious gathering or vehicle in your area to your nearest Police Station

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 


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