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Friday, August 31, 2012

Zimbabwe Introduces more Tollgates

Zimbabwe Introduces more Tollgates

Published: 30 August 2012

ZIMBABWE – HARARE – Tollgate fees are likely to increase after the
construction of new state-of-the-art toll plazas on the country’s highways
that has started with a pilot project along the BulawayoHarare highway.
Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) spokesperson Mr Augustine
Moyo yesterday said the new fees would be in line with the improved
conditions at the toll plazas.
“The US$1 charged on small vehicles will be subeconomic and we are likely to
increase the current fees,” he said.
The new tollgates, which feature modern security systems, will first be
erected along the PlumtreeMutare Road at a minimum cost of US$1 million
The first tollgate is expected to be completed by end of the year, while the
expansion projects should be done within three years.
The first tollgate is at the 17 kilometre peg along the BulawayoHarare
highway. “The first tollgate in the Infralink project between Zinara and
Group Five is moving in a positive direction,” said Mr Moyo.
“We are at 20 percent of the progress on the whole singular project. We
expect the project to be completed and fully functional by December 31. From
there, we will kick start other projects until we reach Mutare.”
Group Five is the main contractor, which subcontracted to JR Goddard.
JR Goddard then subcontracted local Bulawayo companies that will do the
brickwork and electrification of the new toll plazas.
Mr Moyo said the toll plazas would have four ways, with passenger vehicles
and heavy trucks using separate routes.

“The toll plazas will be found on the Infralink project which will stretch
from Plumtree to Mutare and there will be nine toll plazas in total on the
route,” said Mr Moyo.
“The new toll plazas will comprise high security features which will curb
leakages of revenue we have been losing at the current tollgates.” Mr Moyo
said next to the toll plazas would be control booths which would supply
backup facilities at all times.
“Impact attenuators and concrete barriers at the toll plazas will ensure
more safety to cashiers from motorists. Detours for abnormal trucks will
have tarmac surfaces as compared to the current set up,” he said.
“Traffic lights will be fitted on the new toll plazas and they will control
traffic at any given time of the day. Given there is congestion in a
specific direction, one passage will be opened to enable motorists to
proceed without delays.”
Mr Moyo said Zinara would retain 13 percent of the Zimbabwe Revenue
Authority workers at the tollgates.
“Government vehicles will not pay, but we have been encountering problems
where most government vehicles now have yellow number plates,” he said.
“When such a situation arises, proper identification particulars will be
produced which will do away with the abuse of exemptions that were being
done by some members of society.”
Mr Moyo said Zinara would roll out exemption tickets to certain sectors and
offer credits to senior government offices.
The new tollgates will replace those in existence that have been condemned
by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructure as

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