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Monday, August 20, 2012

From Mike G

Hi All
I am sure you will all agree that we have some great birdlife all over Harare and that we should endeavour to preserve these birds for future generations – as someone once said we have just been lent this world by our children.

Crows: As I sat on my verandah yesterday morning I was lucky enough to see a lovely raptor gliding across the valley. It did not take long for a group (murder) of crows to come along and try to chase the raptor away! Crows have invaded our cities and have actually started to become a pest – they are chasing all the other birds away and eating their eggs. Someone with sufficient knowledge on birds needs to approach the powers that be in National Parks and work out what can be done to prevent this situation from escalating out of control

Parklands: In Australia and many other parts of the world Town Planners are being instructed to include parklands all over their cities so that local residents can both enjoy a place away from the cement structures of our world and to have a chance to observe birdlife in more natural surroundings. We, in Harare have been blessed with natural parkland in the form of wetlands. Lets ensure that we keep these and not replace them with Pseudo Parklands in large shopping malls

Please feel to pass on any constructive comments on these issues to

Yours in Birding, Mike G

A group of crows is known as a Murder
It is called a murder for two reasons. 1st if an injured strange crow finds its way into the territory of a familiar 'murder', that crow is likely to be killed or murdered; 2nd when a 'flock' is flying in a pattern they usually do so in a "W" shaped, thus the first letter of murder

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