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Saturday, April 13, 2013



On Thursday night, 28th March, I met a friend, Sinks Hone, on the KLM flight at 9.30 p.m.   I had parked my car fairly near to the exit, in the “Safe Car Park”.  When we got to the car with the trolley, two cases and a laptop case in it, a man approached me telling me there was a small cat under the car.  I started to react to this and then suspected that it was some sort of a con, held my bag on my shoulder tighter and told him “that’s okay – thank you – you can move away now”.  Unfortunately, my friend had heard him and momentarily leaned down to look and during that instant the man’s accomplice had snatched the laptop case from the trolley and they both disappeared in a flash amongst the cars in the dark.  We noticed immediately that the laptop was gone and a woman in a bus parked next to us jumped out and told us she saw them take it but couldn’t warn us in time.   We tried to give chase in vain.   My friend ran to the police post (where the old airport building used to be) and found two very sleepy female police officers who then, lackadaisically, came back with him to the car.  They told us they could not police the car park properly as it would be offensive to ask pedestrians coming into the area what they were up to.

Someone else has since told me they were conned the same way by being told they had a flat tyre.  
Please beware of these tricksters.

In the laptop case was an almost-new HP (Hewlett-Packard) laptop, metallic red, plus the back up!   Also in the case were all Mr. Hone’s recently acquired authenticated copies of birth, death and marriage certificates.  He would be extremely grateful if anyone finding any of the above could contact him on:  0772 251 475,
or contact me, Roseanne, on, phone 0772 336471.  


Antihijack Trust

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