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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Community Notices

Driving past Dandaro vlei yesterday I was reminded of the ongoing (currently quiet because of the rains ) debate over the vlei future and the proposed mall. The vlei is beautiful at the moment – amazing variety of wetland grasses with the most incredibly beautiful colours that vary depending on the time of day. Mostly golden , but with greens, purples and many other colours thrown in. With very little maize cultivation in the vlei this year the birds have returned with Red Bishops buzzing all over, and numerous Whydahs, Cisticolas and other wetland birds.  New Acacia trees are growing. This, and other areas like it, are Harare’s answer to Prozac if we can only be far sighted enough and keep them as part of the heritage we pass on. The choice is – do we save this, or do we pass on more faceless concrete buildings ? it should be no contest  - Sekimani
Helping people on side of Road. I just want to say that there are still a lot of people here in Zim willing to help in times of need. Myself and two of my close friends were side swiped whilst waiting at a red robot on Saturday night and the driver of the other car tried to run away and also try bribe the police. But we had far too many witnesses for him to get away with any of it. Being three white ladies on our own we were very nervous and unsure of how to proceed. However with the exception of a few, nearly every car stopped to offer assistance and everyone who witnessed the accident were a great help to us. Especially when it came to the other driver physically assaulting my friend. We will be pressing assault charges against him, but would just like to warn everyone on the roads just to be careful of drunken drivers, as you never know how they will react towards you. And to everyone who helped us in our time of need, we are extremely grateful.
Having read how poor the public are at responding to accident/breakdown situations, I feel it necessary to bring this up.  On Sunday, our motorcycle club were returning from a ride to the Mazowe area. Two of the bikes, myself included went down on a lovely slick of oil deposited on a bend on the hill approaching Christon Bank turn off by one of our wonderfully maintained heavy duty vehicle/buses etc. The other rider had a lady pillion passenger and fortunately we were all not badly injured albeit battered, bruised and scraped. I can’t tell you how many people stopped and offered assistance.  Everyone right through to the Et’s and Buses  stopped, asked if we were ok and offered assistance. We are very grateful to see that the good old Zimbo public came through and are still out there. – Crash Test Dummy
Airport Thefts:  Whatever happened to airport security…there always seem to be someone who is willing to clamp your car if you are parked in the wrong place…or move you along if you take too long to offload luggage at the entrance doors…what about those chaps who stand around with guns? These constant incidences could result in a loss of tourism business.
Monday 8th. My dad has just had his car broken into in the SFG car-park on Enterprise Rd and has had his wallet and laptop stolen. He went in for just a minute and was apparently followed by an unregistered Metallic Blue Surf with tinted windows with 3 guys in it. He has reported it to the Highlands Police Station. This same vehicle followed one of our clients out of our premises a couple of weeks ago and robbed her in the Pomona Food Court car park in broad daylight so just be aware!
I flew back into Harare on Saturday evening on KLM.  There were absolutely no lights over the car park and it was extremely difficult to even find one’s car, never mind watch out for luggage etc. whilst loading the car once it had been located.  An absolute nightmare – but a haven for the bad guys!!
Judging by the number of robberies on the way to and at the harare international airport, i am surprised that airport authorities have done seemingly nothing to make parking and picking up travellers safer activities. At the moment it appears that the brigands have free reign to do as they wish. Surely security could be better? As per a previous readers comment, why are pedestrians entering a secure international area anyway? Security cannot use the number of pedestrians entering the airport as an excuse for the high crime rate. Are people on foot now arriving to collect traveller? Better effort
What about tourist police or more security in the airport car park, especially at night. There is also a good shuttle bus service to and from your home to the airport.
 few months ago our domestic was stopped and beaten at our front gate while he was trying to open the padlock, Thankfully he had the mind to drop the key on the inside of the gate. two man and a woman kicked, and punched him, I hate to think what could have been if they had got the keys and let themselves in, they eventually took his cell phone, he passed the car registration onto the police the next day and was told it is happening a lot in the northern areas. so be aware.

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