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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mars contacts

MARS Zimbabwe has been experiencing major communication connectivity problems within the new premise and as a result have opted to move the call centre to the MARS Training School situate at No 2 Fairbridge Avenue, Belgravia.  As the relocation process is in progress we have been experiencing a disruption in connectivity and we would like to reassure you that when connectivity is restored we should no longer experience the current problems.  However, please continue to use the emergency numbers communicated earlier these numbers are active and will not be changed.

Econet subscribers Toll free number : 112
NetOne subscribers Toll free number : 114
or you can call Harare Hotlines on :  705905 / 706034  / 771221 / 0772235461 / 0772792800 / 0712600002
These numbers will give you access to Ambulance Services, Fire Brigade and the  Police across Zimbabwe.  

Once again, we regret the inconvenience caused during this relocation and communication transfer period and would like to reassure you of our continued service and dedication to saving lives.

Kind Regards
Ancha Chimbghandah
Business Development Manager
MARS Zimbabwe
38 Bodle Avenue

Mobile : 0772 264 431
Telephone: 04 753677 / 706137

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