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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Community Notices

We were not home last Friday night and a small (we think white) car drove through our durawall, hit our tree in our garden, on North Road, Chisipite – it is at the bottom of Court Road.  Unbelievably, they just drove off, with no note left in our post box but my Gardener saw the back of the car leaving the scene and says another car was involved too.  He heard a woman screaming at the other people who had caused the accident.  A rear windscreen is lying on our verge and it seems to be from a small car.  It must be an old car as the air bags would have inflated on impact in a new car.  Anyone who witnessed this and can provide any information, please contact Kim 0772-264-763, as the culprit will pay to repair our durawall!
Just a comment about getting help at the side of the road. Last week my son and I broke down near Ruwa. A car stopped immediately and the African people who helped us were extremely friendly and concerned and took my son up to the garage to seek help. He was then helped further by another very nice African gentleman who was on his way to Marondera but came all the way back to our vehicle to bring my son back to fix the problem.  (in the opposite direction). Thanks to all these people who helped us. Not everyone is unhelpful or unfriendly when they notice you at the side of the road. There are some very nice, concerned people out there.  
I am not sure who to send this to but I wanted to report an abnormal load truck which has the company name Deltafin Civil Engineering on the side – reg Number ACL 5549 - he was on College Road and turned right into Churchill Avenue – he was far too large to be travelling down these roads and he proceeded to cross second street and carry on towards King George – I don’t think it is right for these trucks to be using these roads as they are too small I think it has a weight limit on it and he was causing congestion due to his size – trucks this large have Harare drive to use so they don’t mess up the smaller roads in town.
I have read with interest some the readers’ comments regarding appalling driving practises, and wanted to add one of my own.  I was coming back from Chegutu this evening, about 5:15, behind a weighed-down sedan-type vehicle that was weaving erratically.  Thinking it a drinking driver, I gave it room until such time as it was safe to overtake.  Imagine my horror, then, when I realised that it was a woman breast-feeding her baby, with 7 other people in the car!!!!!!!!!!  That’s who the police should be after ....“Concerned Road User”
Bad , unlit roads, lack of road courtesy,  disregard of the Highway Code Rules, all contribute to the ever increasing number of road accidents and consequent deaths, but in the end it’s the appalling Drivers – both white and black – who are to blame.  The standard of driving in this country is unbelievably dangerous at the best of times with male drivers who seem to believe it to be a slur on their manhood to ever ‘give way’ politely,  to allow cars to take a right turn in heavy traffic, and to expect them to apply brakes to slow down,  even slightly, for another car’s needs is almost unthinkable.  Lights flash; horns are blasted, and they come at one at full speed, daring one to continue driving.   
At night drivers seem to compete in proving that their car has the brightest and most headlights, with nary a care that they are blinding the drivers of oncoming cars;  the dip switch is largely redundant.
As is the case with most Laws in today’s ‘lawless’ Zimbabwe, the ban on using cell phones whilst driving, STOP and GIVE WAY signs, even Traffic Lights are largely ignored, and  with a Police force more interested in collecting money (bribes and legitimate) for piffling misdemeanours than ‘booking’ and prosecuting drivers for bad driving, it will continue to be a case of the survival of the fittest, bravest and – most importantly – the luckiest on our roads for a very long time to come..
I think our writer is going a little bit overboard with the “College of Driving Instructors”. Who are the Tutors? Who are the “Professors”? and who trained them to teach the subject of Driving Skills? Who pays the College fees? I agree that the road sense of most drivers is non- existent.  Firstly ALL driving schools must be licensed and approved by the Ministry of ? Transport, Road Safety whoever is appropriate. Secondly, we assume that the Police are well trained in the rules of the road. They should help in making sure Driving Instructors know what they must teach and also enforce the Highway Code, if it still exists. Where can I get a copy? Third, where are licenses issued and what does it take to get one. Pass a definitive test or pay a bribe? There are so many bad drivers on the road today that no College is going to train them. I will ask the writer a simple question. What is the minimum distance you may stop your vehicle from a pedestrian crossing? There are solid white lines going back from a crossing where you are not supposed to stop. Along the Chase, there is a pedestrian crossing opposite Bon Marche supermarket and I see every day Commuter Omnibuses stopped ON the crossing as though it is a Bus Stop. Will your College prevent that or should the Police fine them instead of stopping motorists on Golden Stairs Road to see if we have a Radio License. Simple question. When turning, what is the first indication a driver should make? Indicators or brake lights?
Theft at Airport. In Response to this it is very upsetting. The Airport charges you $2 per hour to park in the car park. This you are forced to do if you want to stay for longer than 5 minute. Otherwise you get clamped. Where are the guards that should be monitoring the car park? You pay for a service that you would expect to get. They don’t have to ask everyone in there what they are doing, just be there so that this doesn’t happen again. Once again we are forces to pay for a service and get nothing in return. This is disgraceful. Whoever is responsible for running the car park should be held responsible for this and should have to pay for the loss. I regularly use the car park and I will be voicing my opinion next time I am through there. Angry Car park User
I was driving on Steppes Road, Chisipite, Sunday morning at 10am, behind a small, bright blue metallic Chevrolet REGN. NO.ACG8662, young teen driver and two passengers – one in the back seat – who seemed to think nothing of lobbing a cold-drink can straight out into the road.  Firstly, it could have hit my car, but more importantly it was yet another display of blatant littering!  There was complete disregard for the fact that he was driving through someone else’s neighbourhood and yet had no problem at leaving behind his trail of litter.

What incensed me though was that I drove up behind the car and gave a hoot to try and make him aware that there was a vehicle driving behind them, and also that he had been seen littering.  I hoped he might feel a little embarrassed about it, and not do it so quickly the next time,  but instead – his response was to hurl another can out! And appeared to find the whole thing a big joke. If I had not been driving at the time I would have taken a picture of the vehicle and sent it in.  I do hope, though, that maybe someone reading this will recognise the registration number and identify the culprits (definitely youngsters – who are privileged to have the use of driving this very nice vehicle but don’t appear to have the manners or maturity to appreciate this – and certainly don’t deserve such privilege.)

It’s very frustrating when so many of us in Harare are trying to make such enormous efforts to clean up the city – and take some pride in where we live – only to have the likes of these inconsiderate louts messing it all up! 
Con Men. Last week a man rang my mum's gate bell and gave her a long story of how he was driving his wife's body to Mutare and had run out of fuel and his boss was out of town at a Church meeting in Gweru. He asked my mum to phone his boss - a Mr Martin and he asked my mum to lend his employer $100 and he would reimburse her on his return from Gweru! My mum ended up giving this guy $50 and he promised to drop the money off the next day. Needless to say he didn't! But when my mum phoned the number they had used the guy answered and said his driver would drop the money off...he didn't!
We were at a lunch on Sunday and almost everybody there said they had had a similar thing happen to them. Then this afternoon we were at home and our gate bell rang - my husband answered and went out to talk to this guy at the gate. When my husband came back in I asked him what the guy wanted and it was the same story as my mum had been given and the same phone number!!! So we decided to try get the guy back - my husband went and found him on the road and told him he had some money for him and to wait at the gate and in the mean time I phoned Safe Guard rapid response and asked them to come. They were here very quickly and the guy tried to run when he saw them but they caught him and took him to the police station!
Apparently these guys had really done their homework and had lists and addresses of all their targets...

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