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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hi there

I would like to let the public know about our unfortunate episode in Greendale last night.

At about 12.15, four youngish men took two louvred windows out and broke the burglar bar and came into our bedroom, switched on the light and stood over us with 2 large kitchen knives and the broken burglar bar - tied us up, hands & feet, covered our faces and proceeded to ransack the bedroom taking most of our clothes & shoes & a small amount of jewellery.  They also stole a Nikon camera, two computers and 2 cell phones and a Nissan March (two weeks old). They left at about 1.15, we untied ourselves & phoned Rhodesville Police who said they had no transport. We went to the Police station this morning and reported the incident and they have managed to collect fingerprints. 

Please be aware of these four guys - we think they cut open the padlock on the gate.

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