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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Apeal to find people in need - and reply from Mike Garden

Dear Mike

As we are all aware there are many pensioners and others  both British and Zimbabwean who are living in poverty situations. I have heard recently that people are having to have their pets put down as they are not able to afford the food to keep them alive.

 Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a journalist arriving from UK who wants to write an article for a major UK newspaper on this situation.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has a problem or who knows of people in this situation. My friend will be here until 05 April.

 I am a British Consular Warden and although I had a list of people who were under my care we are no longer allowed to have registration lists due to the data protection act.  Therefore I have no phone numbers or e-mail addresses to which I could have accessed.

 Please could anyone who would be interested in being interviewed (confidentially – no names required or will be used) contact me on the numbers below:



Dear Odette

I don’t think I want to promote such a negative report so I will not be sending anything out about it

I want to see reporters telling the good things about Zimbabwe!

Sorry about that




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  1. I feel this is dreadful - we need to publisise the problems so people can act on them

  2. Oh yes, that's really awful seeing elderly living in poverty, really a disgrace ! Thanks for the great job you are doing !