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Monday, March 17, 2014


From: Anneline Hill
My husband & i were driving to dinner on Friday evening when we reached The robots at cnr of Churchill & College Rd,  we were barely stopped for 30 seconds when i turned & saw a black male at my  passenger  window. In the split second that i had to react he had already smashed my window & grabbed my bag & ran into the university campus, diving through a hole in the fence. There was a vehicle stopped just in front of us at the lights & we still remarked he had stopped oddly in the road, almost at an angle & in hindsight we should have just floored it & tried to drive around him as he was obviously trying to make it difficult to drive off in a hurry should we have noticed the thief sneaking up on us. 


We had screamed around in the car & tried giving chase through the ditches across that grass but unfortunately were just not quick enough.

I was cut & badly shaken but more angry than anything.


In any case i Just would like you to remind everyone in Harare to be aware & if possible not to stop at a robot at night unless you absolutely have to. It happens in a fraction of  second & there is nothing like time to reach for your mace spray. Rather try to prevent the opportunity.

The man who smashed my window was wearing a white jacket & was likely hiding behind that white Zesa box. 


We reported the incident to the Avondale police who were helpful but there has been no news.


We went back to the scene early the next morning to see if i could find my bag or at least maybe my id & drivers license but unfortunately the grass is so thick & we found nothing.

The worm vendors there say there are up to 4 incidences a week- that is incredible! i cant believe that these people can be allowed to get away with this!!!


Please can i put out an appeal that if anyone finds or sees my i.d  (Anneline Hill) 63-2117707N00 /drivers license (Anneline Coetzee)or bank cards anywhere to please call on 0772437661 or 335634.

I would appreciate any help. 


My white iphone 5 was also in the bag & we have put it into Lost mode to try track it but he keeps my phone turned off.

Sadly i dont have my serial no written down but if anyone suspects they may have seen /heard of it please let me know- or if anyone can offer any other advice. I will try to contact all iclick's solution centres of Harare as well to see if they can help in any way


Thank you & kind regards


Anneline Hill


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