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Monday, March 17, 2014


The miscreants move in in the evenings, and chase the vendors away.  Local knowledge: domestics know not to venture near there, especially if they are on a bike/bought groceries/carrying valuables  . …………………

As you may know this smash and grab then retreating into the university grounds has been a regular occurrence for years.   I also had my window smashed and Hand bag grabbed at the Traffic Lights about five years ago.

It was about 7pm I was coming from Aberdeen Road turning right into 2nd St Ext.  I had stopped at the lights it was raining, suddenly my passenger window was shattered my Handbag gone all in a flash.

I don’t think the  people in other vehicles even noticed , I sounded the  Motor vehicle horn in my distress , I think other drivers thought I was impatient and asked them to move,

The thief ran diagonally across the road to the university grounds,  Arrived Home with no Keys, no Phone, we don’t have a bell at the gate, so I sound the Horn was so glad that my employee Patrick was there to let me in


Reported to Avondale Police the next morning, they told me another woman a tourist had the same thing happen to her 20 minutes before me, A friend of had the identical story same notorious area many others tell the same story. The morning after my robbery people went to search the area, they found a green T-shirt put out to dry,  I remember now the thief was wearing Green there was an overhead light on the road,

The security guards pointed out a tunnel that’s goes under the road carrying a stream; apparently thieves hide there, some times stashing their loot  As a matter of interest I live just off 2nd street in the last approx three months, four stolen bags have been thrown over our gate, Minus valuables of course .  Patrick knows what to look for he finds a phone no, and traces the owner; some times the bag has arrived within 15 minutes of being stolen,   Thieves know there is very little chance of them being caught.   That is what is so galling they have been robbing with impunity motorist and homes for years.   My incident was about 5 years ago


It's easy to be wise after the act, but until you or someone you know is affected by these smash-and-grab incidents, you tend to lull yourself into a false sense of security. Some years ago we (as a family) read a book about being safe secure and street-wise, which was available from Readers Digest. The main thing is to be vigilant all the time and not leave handbags or cases anywhere in plain sight. If possible lock them in the trunk or tuck them under your seat out of sight. Also rehears in your mind what you should do if you are a victim. I yelled loudly at at smash and grab youngster, who mistook the dark floor-mat for a brief case or something, and he made a quick exit. The yelling also gained attention of a driver nearby too. That was near Harare Gardens. Unfortunately nothing undoes the incident and the damage. A Pity there can't be warning lights at these hot-spots for crime! Harare Crime Victim 2


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