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Saturday, June 28, 2014



June has seen a continuation of smash and grabs  … at the notorious sites of intersections and traffic lights, the Churchill Ave/ Second Street lights is still a prime ‘hit’ spot.  Please be very vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially whilst driving as its changes from twilight to dark …. It only takes seconds to hear that smash and crash of glass to find your valuables gone …. Do NOT leave anything on your seats be it back or the front ….  The tsortsies are just waiting to pounce and grab!  Do not let your guard down by looking into handbags etc. whilst waiting for the lights to change … these are just the moments they are waiting for, this change of concentration for a split second could be the down fall ….

If you happen to find a handbag, wallet, or case please contact the person concerned if a phone number is available or hand them into your nearest Police Station, to replace  necessary documents is time consuming and often difficult.


The heavy load shedding schedule which has recently been introduced has seen us powerless for many hours. This is when the security of a backup system is of utmost importance in any premises…. Please make sure that all alarm systems, remotes etc. are in good working order. Keep all gates firmly locked and be aware of who is at the entrance before allowing anyone to gain entry onto the property. Areas that reports of break ins have been received are Vainona, Borrowdale, Ruwa, Millton Park, Sunningdale, Greendale and CBD.


To ALL motorists, with the introduction of stiff power cuts often traffic lights are not working, let’s be more courteous; let’s not see road rage and the complete chaos created by bad driving and no rules of the road being adhered to.  This only causes confusion and that is when accidents occur, with a bad pile up of vehicles, causing long delays for ALL concerned.   It would seem sensible for ZESA to communicate with the ZRP Traffic Control on these cuts so that good control with traffic police directing operations can be put into place for these periods. Let’s see some foresight …. We have the same chaos every winter period. Maybe the intervention of the City Councillors would be beneficial?  Be community minded … time to all pull together.


 Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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