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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Harare North areas

As part of trying to assist HCC to better serve the Harare North areas and in particular, (Ward 18,) we have formed sub committees to our Borrowdale and Residents and Ratepayers Association in order to act on service delivery.  By devolution, this should lighten your load, while residents can fill in where Council are falling short. ( A good example of this is on roads. Council can make/supply tar, residents can supply vehicles/fuel... and if need be residents that have the community at heart can fill potholes outside their property on the road.


Please note, the idea is to assist as residents not interfere with council.


If residents are wanting to join a committee or help, please contact the chairmen directly as listed below.


To this end our committees are as follows


District office and Security          - Zvichapera Katiyo                          

Wetlands, water and boreholes – Marek Dergiman                           /

Planning and verges                     -  Ray Gripper/Alt Jim Murray          /

Roads, lights                                   - Herbert Mashanyare/ alt Jim Murray  /  

Health                                             -  R. Markham                                         


Kind regards

Rusty Markham

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