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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friend Founation Nwsletter

Dear friends of Friend Foundation,

Thought we would give you an update on what has been happening at 7 Kirkman Rd Tynwald this year.

Sadly Martin Makoni who used to work with us has passed away.  He retired last year.

Leigh Appel has joined us and we are delighted. She is young and enthusiastic and can ‘work’ face book and the computer!

We have amazing volunteers who come out regularly to walk and feed the dogs and brush and pamper the cats. Thank you Wally, Nicole, Cherry, Natasha, Celeste and Milli and Shadrick and their kids.

Shelby from Sunshine comes out on a Tuesday to help.

We also have some enthusiastic school kids that come out and help feed the animals, run errands and generally help us. Thank you guys and girls.

We can always have more ……..

A few months ago we had a terrible epidemic of kennel cough in our kennels and although this is not normally fatal, most of our dogs are strays and abandoned and have only been vaccinated once when they come to us. We ended up losing over 80 dogs. It affected the elderly and the young mostly.

On a happier subject, our own Lorna Olivier organized a Barnyard event to raise money. Thank you all who came to support. It was a huge success and we made over $3,000. Thank you Sheena for the amazing painting.  We have used this to renovate our kennels.  Firstly we have built the donkeys a stable – which Rota the horse has taken up residence in! We have then fixed the cattery garden area, making it more secure so we don’t have escapees. We have rebuilt the rabbit and guinea pig run, fixed the duck ponds, built a kitten enclosure, built a mummy and puppy run and are now fixing the floors of the kennels.

Wally our dog walker has been fantastic this year. She has organized and paid for, pallets and baskets for all the dogs to sleep on, plus got us 200 blankets from Waverly, for the dogs this winter. She has managed to get us bricks, poles, scrap metal, rubble, the list goes on. She also celebrated her 60th birthday this year and had a wonderful party, but instead of presents she asked for donations to Friend Foundation and received over $800 which she has used to spay and castrate some dogs, buy cleaning products and to fix our generator. Thank you Wally.

Di Fynn from Wingate Sports Club and Golfing and Giving has been her usual wonderful self. She comes out on a Monday with her team, and Joanne and Mark. They have painted and fixed the mums and puppies run and painted our office. It now looks like new….. as well as given money towards our vet bill and dog and cat biscuits. Thank you so much.

Curves Borrowdale had an animal awareness week and raised $400 and collected loads of blankets and pet food. Thank you so much ladies. It is much appreciated.

We have lots of people to thank for their continued support.

Avondale Vets for giving us 50% discount on our surgeries and letting us have “credit” and pay when we have the money… thank you Doc Felix and his team.

Cheeseman for the weekly supply of milk for our cats, kittens and puppies.

Ian Stodart for all the running around he does for us.

Willowmead,  Spar marimba and OK Greencroft for the veggies, OK, Bon marche and Innscor for the spoiled meat.

Far East for our supply of dogmeal for the past 15 + years, and giving us “credit” when times are hard.

Sally from Montego for all the broken bags of dog, puppy and cat food.

To all the kind people out there who have given us blankets, old carpets and dog beds.

The Taberer family – thank you for your kind donations and support.

To Lindsey Wright-Goodale, Skye Gilmore and Amani Khalpy from Bishopslea who had a colouring competition which raised over $300.

For all the nursery schools and schools who have come to visit and for your donations.

Katie and Phillipa from Anglo European School in the UK who came to volunteer.

Saul at Central African Butchery, Jolly Jongwe, Doug from the “dollar shop”, Billys meats, Twala for always giving us your excess chickens,  Net Trade for the dog and cat biscuits. The Shopping Club for always giving us discount on Whiskers, Zimkings for the cereal, and many more that I am sure I have forgotten.

We are opening a second hand shop to help raise money, so if anyone has anything they no longer need and are wanting to pass on, we will be happy to have it.  There is a collection bin at Avondale Vets.

 Any cruelty or neglect please phone VAWZ  Mel  0778431528 or SPCA 0712211900.
 Micro chipping is worth doing and it only costs usd20.

We would love to have visitors – the animals love it. Come and meet some of our residents. Bones, who was abandoned in a house when his owners moved away now looks more like a sausage!! Or Veronica the little feral kitten who has turned into a loving, beautiful office cat.

 We welcome schools and nursery schools to come visit us too.

We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm but close for lunch between 12 and 1.

You can find us on google maps

We have a facebook group – the Friend Animal Foundation – please join

The office number is 2930442

We look forward to seeing you soon

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