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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Conmen Bulawayo

These  photos of the “alleged”  big guy slim guy that have been conning residents in Bulawayo and Harare over a period of time have been arrested and are currently  in custody in Harare, if you should recognize either of them or both of them, then please contact Detective Inspector Nemaisa, Detective Nemaisa is calling on all “victims” who were conned out of property at the home by either of these men to please contact him on the following numbers


Harare Residents Please contact  Detective Inspector Nemaisa 0772370557 / 0772758877 / 0734200941


Bulawayo Residents Please contact Detective Inspector SIWELA – 71568 /  77523 / 881466


Victoria Falls residents Please Contact Detective Inspector Dende - 0712915341


P.S. This is how they were operating in Bulawayo, if this sounds familiar, and you lost property but did not make a police report you may now contact any of the above Detectives who will assist in recording your statement, take this email with you  ….. “this sounds like the “terrible two” the driver usually a big big dark in complexion man and his accomplice a very slim built light in complexion male, when they have robbed in Bulawayo they the big guy usually forces the gate open for the skinny one to get in, or the big one talks ever so sweetly to you at the gate while skinny one jumps the wall and enters the home, and whilst doing this they always leave the boot up so you cant get a description of the make of vehicle neither can you get the registration number, so please kindly circulate to your friends anyone who has fallen victim to these scamster, please come forward, so that statements can be recorded


Thank you and  kind regards


Club 50

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