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Thursday, August 7, 2014

About Old Mutual Pensions


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Shaun Hodgson uploaded a file.

If your name appears on this list you are due 1007 shares, valued at US$1,200 and a backpayment of dividends. If you are not receiving your pension that can also be claimed.

April 2012 - As part of the indigenisation legislation response agreed between Old Mutual Zimbabwe and the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, a special award of shares in Old Mutual Zimbabwe has been granted to those pensioners who acquired a Pensions Plus pension or an Emerald Managed pension from Old Mutual Zimbabwe.

The award is due to any pensioner who was entitled to receive these types of pension payments between 01 April 2009 and 01 January 2012, both dates being inclusive.

The scheme is now at implementation stage and communication to the pensioners/clients concerned has been sent by post.

OM are also paying out on all other Policies, including Endowment etc

OM are also looking for Protecktor/Diamond Policies holders as they have matured and are available to be cashed in or re-invested in. Currently they are dormant and attracting little growth.........

For more information on forms to complete, email me

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