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Saturday, August 23, 2014


My name is Sue Swanepoel and I'd like to respond to your enquiry whether there are any other old folk out there. Yes!!  My mother Judith Schoeman is heading for her 101st birthday on 21st November!!! And another 'yes' - she can still hold a decent conversation!! Ndeipi did a little article on her in December 2013 - I will see if I can forward it on to you and you can see some detail about her.  Kind regards, Sue.


Would just like to inform you that my dad, Jimmy (Wilfred) Taylor, is 101 years and God willing will be 102 in February 2015. Kind Regards Maggie Taylor


It might interest you to know that Bill is an honorary member of my Rotary Club.  He joined the club a few weeks after the official charter and we celebrate our 50 years of service on October 22nd this year!   He is truly an amazing human being and one in a million and we are so very blessed to know him and have him be part of our Rotary family.  The coffee shop at the Rotary Centre is named after him.


I would love to meet Bills close school friends who must all be of a similar age!!! All the very best to all of them


Quite agree with what you say below – my fantastic old Great Aunt who lived to be over 90 always said you just “have to keep on galloping”  !!! Rgds kate


Hi Mike, Just wanted to share with you.  While I was visiting someone on Saturday afternoon at BS Leon I came across three lovely young teenage ladies who had given up their time on a Saturday afternoon to visit with all the residents and bring them each a packet of biscuits  - it was a very nice treat for them all, and was very much appreciated.  I just wanted to say thank you to those three ladies, and may they be an example for the rest of the teenagers out there.  I am sure your parents are very proud. Debs


Just a brief note to say that yesterday Martin Hartell who is in charge of the pioneer cemeteries in Harare went to the site with me where I discovered the headstone of Sergeant Gudger on a property in Harare. He was seemingly killed in action in the 2nd world war. As it happens his body with a new headstone is lying peacefully in the pioneer cemetery here in Harare and as a result his name and rank number were chiselled off  from the old discovered stone in accordance to their rules and regulations. It was sad to see this happen but at least we know he is at peace and all has been finalized. Thank you to all the very kind folk from all over the world who showed their concern and interest in this regard. Kind regards Cher


I really DO NOT understand people who have no idéa of the consequences of what they perceive to be kindness can do to this poor elephant, it equals out to eventually – one banana equals one bullet. Petra


I think, in these instances when sending out a message like this, it should be pointed out that when an animal does respond to irresponsible behaviour and is deemed to be dangerous to the public, it is then more than likely going to be  shot. Regards


We had a chap going by the name of miles ring my gate bell at about 430 on boscobel east - gave me a story that he was from no 34 boscobel east from jimmy’s place and he was his driver and his truck was broken down on enterprise and could I phone him which he proceeded to give me his number which sure enough jimmy answered and asked if he could please speak to his driver as he was in Bulawayo  - thanks to previous emails from you of this sort of thing I told him I would get his driver to fix his phone and he could contact him direct - long story short - 34 on boscobel east does not exist and they were either after my phone or entry to our premesis but please just warm everyone to be vigilant and warn their domestics . On questioning my own domestic someone last month in our road had the same situation and their phone snatched and another across the road had a vehicle stolen. Thanks Jenny


I recently moved here from South Africa where crime is prevalent and I do know that even without breaking a window or damaging the doors these thieves are able to get in. 

They do it by jamming the signal of your car remote with a blue house gate remote which they control.  I tried it out and  it does work.  So I think everyone should ensure that before they walk away from their cars that they check that  the doors are locked. Regards Bianca


Please be alert n watch out at the Bishop Gaul n Princess Drive intersection at Belvedere Shops. Smash n grab thieves are active in the area. Lock all doors n be careful on the approach to the robots, they don't work most if the time. Regards L. B.


Please could you let folks in Harare know that  there is small car(similar to a Conquest or Fiesta), black in colour with bright yellow and black Botswana number plates starting with a B and ending with a J (don’t  remember the numbers) with three or four accomplices attempted to carjack my Landcruiser yesterday (20th Aug, Wednesday) at around midday. I was in the Graniteside area, Dhlela Way, and thanks to the public for helping us, but unfortunately these thieves got away. Try and be vigilant out there!  Thanks Mike, much appreciated  Kind Regards John


Read what the rats are doing at this orphanage – rats are smart:….” Hello Naeem , Please if at all possible would you be able to make it this afternoon to sort out the problem with the rats as they are now going in the children’s school bags and are being carried to school.   We also have a problem with cockroaches if this could also be sorted out. Many thanks Geraldine”


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