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Saturday, August 23, 2014

News Update on Dave and Mary Anne -barbaric act !

News Update on Dave and Mary Anne -barbaric act !
Hi folks,
Yes the people in this vicious attack were perhaps trying to enact a lawless retribution -on Allan’s son and daughter-in-law.
They have been having problems for sometime now,while holding onto Allan’s farm in the Trelawny- NW of Hre area.
Recently David arrested poachers who had killed 2 giraffe, 2 eland,1 zebra and 6 impala and it is suspected that the attackers who arrived after midnight were exacting retribution f...or these arrests as well as possibly acting out orders on behalf of third Zanu Chef parties?
The first that David and his wife knew about the attack was when they were set upon with knobkerries whist asleep in their beds. David was so badly beaten that he has undergone surgery for 6.5 hours to his head as the left side of his face, plus his skull were savagely beaten in. He is being kept sedated whilst the neuro specialists try to reduce the balloon swelling of his head. He has suffered other damage to his arms and neck as well. He remains in St Anne’s, whilst his wife is in the Avenues where she is being treated for a broken arm and shattered fingers that required pins to be inserted. She is severely traumatised and will require special rehabilitation attention, once the physical damage is attended to. Allan and Jane are looking after their two daughters aged 2 and 4....who witnessed/ were present in the house during this attack. They are also traumatised and constantly fear the return of the ”BAD men who beat their Dad and Mummy”. I am told that the attack and beatings only broke off when their neighbour arrived and fired shots over the house....I have no detail of how he was alerted or knew of the incident but can only thank Almighty God that he pitched up when he did, as it probably saved David’s life and his wife from an even worse fate. She had been tied up with barbed wire.
The outpouring of messages of support and sympathy have been extraordinary....more so from members of the local Black community who held David and his family in high regard. Measures to ensure that those responsible are brought to book are assured of this.
Sadly this is what happens when the rule of Law is allowed to be usurped by stoneage people, little more than moronic thugs. This is the price we pay for continuing to try live and work and uograde the land of our birth.
Kind regards

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