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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Mozambique -  As far as I am aware there are no problems on the road. Since the signing of the Peace Accord in August 2014 there has been no incident in Mozambique.

The election in October passed peacefully and the new President, Filipe Nyusi, was sworn in last week. At the moment there is heavy rain in the northern provinces of Mozambique and some areas are cut off due to bridges collapsing and being washed away. Best regards, Martin.


Dear Mike, At this present moment all perfectly fine travelling from Mutare to Vilanculos, only  a few potholes will get in your way!



Hi Mike, My husband, was this afternoon, (19/1/2015 at approx 3pm) at the Mount Pleasant Post Office near the Swimming Pools. He was coming out of the post office, and just as he was approaching his car he was hit in the back and held round the neck, he felt a sharp point in his back. He was asked to empty his pockets, they took the $70 he had on him and threw his phone on the ground.

The guy then ran off - wearing a beanie - pulled down low and jumped in the passenger door of a White Madza 323 with blacked out windows and the car speed out of the parking area.

Thank goodness my husband walked away, he is bruised and has a small cut from were they pushed the knife, or sharp object into his side.

Please do everyone take care when you are going back to your cars. Thanks Emily


On Friday night (16th) my office was broken into in Highlands and the complete 3-drawer white unit on wheels was stolen which had contents, such as stationery, receipt books, cash deposit books, stickers, photos, etc.  These 'thugs' are looking for cash and if anyone happens to come across the drawers/contents that they would have discarded, please contact Trudy Gravett on 0772414822. Be aware that these thugs are moving in groups of 3 to 4 (woman and men), they purchase with fake notes and they are using different vehicles - lilac/purple Nissan March and a blue Honda Fit. Thank you. Trudy


F Y I . , I am told that  Kalula is having a 24 Hour Sale of airline tickets starting early tomorrow morning (Wed. 21st.). So if you are intending travelling in the south of Africa  sometime soon , get onto their website tomorrow morning and see if you can get a good a good deal . Remember , it’s only for 24 Hours .


ZBC inspectors as well as ZESA officials are going from door to door asking to see licences or payment slips.  DON’T let them in, ask for identification, most times they leave muttering to themselves as they are not who they say they are. 


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