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Sunday, January 11, 2009

And the Braai Tradition Goes On!

The tradition of a Saturday or Sunday braai goes on despite the lack of money or food. Here in Harare and in most parts of the country we still get together at lunchtime, make a fire and cook our meat, make salads and puddings. The only way we can do this is to bring our own food and drink. No one minds any more - it is the norm. her you see us in our garden chatting and exchanging ideas around the fire. It is a relaxing way to unwind after what will in all probability have been a frustrating week. Even paying bills is a nightmare. we finally paid our electricity (ZESA) bill on Friday. Having had to borrow 50 billion as we cannot get money transferred into our bank accounts and ZESA refused on Wednesday to take forex we presented a bank certified CABS cheque to Pomona/Borrowdale post office - who refused to take it as we did not know the exact amount we owed. It is impossible to find this out as one has to either get through to head office by phone - an impossible act - or queue at the head office the whole day to get your balance. So off it was to Mount Pleasant - there the cashier gladly took our cheque! No consistency at all.

The next act was to get the police clearance our younger son needs to get his work permit for SA renewed. On arriving at the police headquarters we were told to come back after two. This my son did to be met by a crowd waiting outside - no one was allowed to enter - it appears there had been an attempt to blow up the forensics department! All fun and games so it will be back again on Monday for another attempt - at least he has 10 days to get the paperwork!

It is sunny today and everything is green and good!

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