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Monday, January 26, 2009

"Jambanja'd again" - Stu Taylor

Views from people who have experienced what is happening here are of value to look at what we are going through at this time. This was posted by Stu Taylor:
A friend of mine was "jambanja'd" last night (21Jan, 2009), for the
second time - the first time he was producing a high-quality export crop
- this last time producing FOOD for people TO EAT; if this is the
sincerity in which Mugabe and his cronies have entered into
"Powersharing" talks, then who needs the talks? I am still trying to get
my head around how Mugabe is still referred to as the "president" - he
LOST an election dammit, then bulldozed himself into another which he
stole - thus going against the will of the people; what do the people do?
Wait and see - because we're too idle and afraid to meet the bullies
face-to-face - what happened to the bully at school when whipped by the
underdog? He ran away with his tail between his legs - that's what must
happen if we are to salvage our Zimbabwe that has been ravaged by Mugabe
and Zanu. Other nations do it, what is OUR story? As one, we can do it.
Unity is strength. Go well, Stu Taylor.

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