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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is the latest report from the anti-hijack trust on the security situation in the Harare area. We have noticed an upsurge in the numbers of people wandering around our streets - this is a contributing factor - people out of work spell temptation to turn to crime.

The first month of 2009 sadly has been a bad month for house robberies and distressing to report that the elderly seem to have been the prime targets in quite a few. This seems very cowardly, as the takings have been meagre but the brutal attack has caused high medical bills and severe trauma to those concerned. The ordeals have been lengthy drawn out attacks, with money(forex), jewellery, mobile phones and groceries being the most sought after. All the gangs have been armed be it with firearms or knobkerries or metal pipes and consist of 4 or 8 perpetrators, All victims have been tied up and or locked in a small room (bathroom/toilet) with no access out. With the lack of water in most areas, most households have a bath filled with water for essential every day usage, and this was used to sit the victim in for some hours, this was not a pleasant ordeal and has caused some rather nasty side effects. It seems that all odds are not in our favour, so lets make sure that the security you have in place is in good working order and tested on a regular monthly basis. Make sure that the all staff is well informed on the security plan and those gates, windows doors etc are firmly locked when not in use. This all sounds so tedious but it can be the ‘saving grace’ in the long run. Be cautious when employing new staff, traceable references are strongly advised, and keep all valuables under lock and key.
Areas that have been reported are Mount Pleasant, Borrowdale, Chisipte, Greendale. Borrowdale has a gang working in and around the area, vehicles have been tampered with and items removed from them. Please take note of these warnings - it is better to be safe and secure than a victim.
Hijackings have not been reported, but that could be due to the over loaded telephone networks, or malfunction of lines ! Keep vigilant whilst driving, and do not let your guard down. Keep all vehicles locked at all times and do not leave the engine running and un attended this is asking for disaster. If there are people loitering near your destination, do not stop until you are satisfied that all is clear.
Please take note if your dogs are barking or acting strangely, this usually is a warning in most cases, but do NOT open the door or go out, get assistance. Use your panic button
Let’s fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !

TEL/FAX: HARARE 04-309870/309800 /091 2 221 921
Email: or

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