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Friday, January 23, 2009

So a Day has Dawned

This morning looked dismal with dark clouds and intermittent rain - but turned out to be great with sun and warmth.

I got up at 5:30 and sat watching the birds in the garden - coming so close I could almost touch them.

I watched news - as usual sky, CNN and BBC - appalled at the news on cholera but really pleased to see Morgan out there visiting those infected.

We see little of the really suffering and live rather insulated lives. Best to try and stay away and keep healthy - although if there was anything we could do we would. I do look after about 726 UK nationals and feel I do my bit. It is so difficult to help those in the outlying areas - we do by trying to give any excess food we have away or help in other ways.
I did my work in the morning updating the portal that I work with and my blogs - this one is going to be a daily diary from now on! Also trying to keep up with my mail!

Heard from Alexander - his dreadful violin spider bite is better after a week on a drip - although he worked during all this time.

Here is a photo of what it looked like yesterday.

A friend came for some some anti cancer muti in the morning. I try and practice my herbalism when I can. I do not charge just give advice and herbs when I have them. My herb garden is a disaster this year.

Adrian worked in the garden and at about two we took a break - wine and cheese for lunch.

Afternoon was spent watching cookery programs, gardening and watching a history program - then came the ritual - of throwing the ball for our female Jack Russel. Started watching the bee eaters and the swallows.

Had to come in early due to the mosquitoes - now a relaxing evening.

For supper - stuffed marrow with instant chicken gravy and cheese (now a luxury) - baked beans on toast is now also a luxury meal! Will probably have fruit for afters - tinned or frozen - we freeze or preserve everything we have in the garden

Then to bath and bed - and hopefully a good night!

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