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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ballad For A Working Cat

Jenny was put to sleep yesterday pm. (29 December) She was Harry's sister and the first two years of her life were spent as John's Factory Cat. She was a serious workaholic!

A working cat has obligations,
To hunt the rats, no explanations:
You may sleep, but rest assured,
Those rats and mice, they will be floored!

Dusk falls, the evil rodents make their move!
I, Miss Jennifer, will surely prove,
Greedy creatures they may be,
But they will never be a match for me.

And you birds in my garden, watch out!
Plundering seeds and fruit no doubt,
When your backs are turned I’ll pounce!
Fat dove I tossed, but it did not bounce!

I’ve asked for nothing, by way of pay,
Only that at my end you may
Send me to my rest with honour:
Don’t weep for me, I was a Working Cat!

To Jenny McMillan, 30 December 2008

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