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Monday, September 28, 2009

fire lighters

Have you noticed that although there are a lot of clean up efforts takingplace which in itself is a noble cause, inspite of this the city AIR isgetting more POLUTED.
It does make me wonder if this is really good for the environment? Have you noticed the smog from the proliferation ofbushfires/rubish fires in all the suburbs and outlying areas surounding thecity? This surely is not good for our health as i have also notice thatthere daily is a fine dusting of ashes and or charred grasses on my vehicle,and blown in to the bathroom, are we not inhaling all this stuff? In all mylife living here I have never seen polution at this level in Bulawayo! I myself also adding to the bad air by lighting a fire to burn what city councilhave not collected for weeks or months. Are we the residents with yard spacein a better position to reduce our carbon emmissions and save ourenvironment by being diligent at making it a practice to compost all ourkitchen waste, yard trimmings and any other biodegradeable recyleable waste.AND SEE BYO RECLAIM ITS TRULY CLEAN REPUTATION!
worried citizen

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