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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something to think about

Attention Cathy Buckle,

Dear Kathy,

Recently arrived in Australia and an X tobacco farmer's wife I read a letter from you with the added letter from a child which is telling the whole story as I know it. I go a bit further and say we were known on the farm as the Mama and Baba. We did not suffer the trauma that a lot of farmers have done as we 'retired in time to avoid that.' Nevertheless we built up the infrastructure with our tobacco, wheat and maize that we grew. This was what we consider helped to build the country into a really rich and vibrant forerunner in Africa.

We look back and see ourselves finally behind a security fence, adams grenades surrounding us and having to carry firearms that we hated the thought of using. Working police reserve duties and running the farm while my husband was protecting other farms. All this time trying to have a life and supporting a huge labour force that we had for over the 36 years with children born on the farm, taught on the farm and working on the farm. These were the children that in l980 destroyed the school, the
beautiful oak desks that I had managed to buy from a school that
renovated. Not to mention the books which they tore and defecated on. My little Salvation Army teacher just ran away. Not happy thoughts of those days.

I really admire and pray for the people of Zimbabwe as do so many Zimbos who have left and moved away. I am really happy to move here now as I have my two children who left their country where the grew up in, went to school and played sport for. and proud to wear their county's Zimbabwe blazer.. We know we are all a special breed and most of the people who left have left a huge gap there and the country is the loser by far

I saw my husband die at the one hospital in Harare with staff that did everything they could for him, I know that they were really caring and I will be forever grateful for that. We have wonderful doctors still and I will never find the bond I had with mine in Zimbabwe, here.

Thank you for your letters, I actually do not normally receive them and would love to if you can and also anything from Jag that is available. I will remain a voice in the down under although you will have my email address and I ask for confidentiality.

Best wishes and God Bless.


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