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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KARORI Farm Update

Brigadier Mujaji continues to defy the law. For the past three weeks we have been put under huge pressure by Mujaji and his soldiers. Mujaji has told me he will allow me to deliver my maize and tobacco provided I agree that the farm belongs to him. Plain extortion. The soldiers have shut the farm down for two weeks in August and then seized our tractors and irrigation equipment. We have been stopped from putting in a crop for this season and the soldiers have now taken all the keys to the farm.
The police still refuse to act despite all the court orders we have in our favour. The rule of law has totally collapsed and the national army are doing what they want. We still have 150 tons of tobacco and 400 tons of maize waiting to be delivered and this is all deteriorating. It is clear that Mujaji is using the army to steal what he can with the support of the government and police just because he has soldiers who take orders. Everyone in the area knows we were properly allocated the farm in accordance with the land programme and this is straight criminal theft and looting of the worst order. There are over six soldiers on the farm at any one time and all armed.

We have still maintained our presence on the farm and every day we try and grade our tobacco only to be stopped whenever the soldiers feel like stopping us. Last week they fired shots over the heads of the guards to remind them that they are armed and should be obeyed. The police still ignore our near daily reports to the station stating they have been informed not to act by their superiors. The country is desperate for food and production and this is carrying on unabated. There is a warrant for Mujaji's arrest issued by the high court but this is ignored. The unity Government should intervene if it is serious about attracting any sort of investment.

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