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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Karori Farm

1. Situation on Karori Farm got a whole lot worse. Mujaji and his wife have seized all our tobacco seedbeds and planting equipment including

4 tractors and started planting in the lands we prepared and fertilized.
They broke into the office and stole two shotguns and all our security equipment. All the workers are locked out now for two weeks and they have tried to evict them over the weekend but failed.

Police just take reports but no action. We still cannot move 400 tons of maize and 150 tons of tobacco locked up in main premises. Mujaji says I can take my crops if I sign over the farm no problem but not my equipment. Court orders are irrelevant. Any suggestions on what to do


2. Here Could not be worse !!!!!

Shumba smashed the lock on the Gate to our house last night Sat at 7 pm.

We have had no Power as he switched off and no Water for the last two weeks! Our Dogs here with the Hunters.

Am being charged with sect 41b for asking safeguard Security to get the address for serving civil court papers on him!!

Now this charge changed to 45 Intimidation?? The most incredible case ever..... He is intimidating me with all his actions that the Police turn a blind eye to.

Have Lawyer Godfrey Mamvura to represent me tomorrow [Mon ]

He is running the water and a lot of waste is occurring as they are not reacting to the power cuts. We are helpless with the pump houses both under his Lock & key!

He is busy fencing where HE thinks the boundary should be?

We do not know what to do on the farming side? Three months of this harassment and uncertainty, we have endured.


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