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Wednesday, September 2, 2009



Submission by Dennis Lapham (Born 6/2/42 Rusape) Ref Devonia South

Farmed in Bindura from 1974 On Robara farm which we purchased .

Owing to the development of Cluff Gold Mine on the property we had to make way for this development and sold to immediately buy Devonia South in 1990 with a certificate of No interest by the government. Paid 30% capital Gains Tax

Pannar requested a Trial site in 1994 which we agreed to, under our preparations.

Farm Invasions in 1999 disrupted the programme and in 2000 we were evicted for 40 days but allowed to return.

6th Nov 2002 the farm acquired by Govt [Made letter ] and "given "to Pannar who asked us to continue to run the farm for them and produce Seed crops, Soya, Sorghum, Sugar beans, Wheat, with Maize being the main focus .

We then paid gratuity to all farm Labour with change in the operating company.

With inflation two years ago we were paid US$9.60 per Tonne for Seed Maize, which was a major financial disaster for us. Last year our plantings were down due to the Zesa shortage and again this year.

We were allocated 127 Ha on 27th Feb 2003 ( Case No LA 2751/02) after a court set down which included our homesteads and sheds on the property.
We do not have own any Houses in town. This allowed us security to

We wrote in response to the Sect 7 listing of Devonia Sept 2004 Delivered to Minister of Lands.

We then wrote to Special Affairs in Jan 2005 with this information, Hand delivered to Mr. Mutsonziwa 13/1/05 We never got any replies

Temba Nkatazo the GM of Pannar assured us that all was in order.

Herbert Shumbamhini { HS } who I met for the first time with Bhika, Goromonzi lands Officer and from Min of lands, Matimba, Mugabe (planner) and Guramombe on the farm on June 2nd to say Marondera had proposed he is given 353.5 Ha of land

HS reiterated that he did not want to touch any of our crops or will take our House.

He wanted a good relationship.

Nkatazo said he would handle this as he wanted as much Maize Seed to be grown as possible. We are the only growers of PAN 53 which requires a zero plus 4 plus 4 day split in two male and the female plantings. Two male & four female lines. Their excellent high yielding variety.

We have had our water to the homestead severely curtailed, with only three days water in the last six weeks. He switched off the ZESA Last
week on 20th and On Sat to date Locked the transformer. He has moved 55
head of Cattle on to the farm. He Demands that we pump water for his Ha of Cabbages.

He has built a house and shed . A boom is being erected at the bottom of the road with a guard house.

We have not been given any papers to date !

He had 5 transformers put into his name without our permission. He agreed to put two back into our name at a meeting with Lands Committee Supt Meki Supt Chitondwe and T Nkatozo from Pannar were present. He renaged on this

I took a letter from Gollop & Blank to Marondera and Mr P.Mashingaidze signed receipt and agreed to reverse

Sun 30th he came & broke the locks on the main pumphouse & the Dam one and said we now have to request water from Him ! Police attended but wanted us to agree on sharing water only.

The farm has been fully productive at all times.


Things got worse & worse today.

A really horrid day here, as MEANIE [Herbert Shumbamhini ] broke the Pump house lock and took over our pump house !! and Dam one also !!
Brought 7 "helpers"

Police came after one & a Half hours and said we have to co -exist !! He said we now have to ask him for water after switching off the pivot !!!
Defies understanding!!.... What about the ZESA payment? they saw Meanie paid a $120 deposit on 2 July to get it into his name.

I said the Lawyer wrote a letter demanding the transformers be put back
in my Name They [zesa ] agreed.

He then agreed to pump water to the pivot again So it worked till power cut at 7pm

Will have a busy day tomorrow.

He has switched our Transformer off & Locked it on Sat Night, So, , , No Water or power at our house ! We are effectively Homeless, Staying at Hunters house.

Dennis Lapham



Attached are photos of my tobacco seedling beds which have been sprayed with a chemical which has killed aproximately 90% of my seedlings.Kutsaga said it was sprayed with a non-selective herbicide(Dr Susan Dimbi).

The week before - on the 20th August 2009, I had been taken to High Court with an Urgent application to evict me from my homestead and to stop all farming procedures. The magistrate dismissed this with costs.

Further and after the High Court application - these incidences have

24/08/09 RRB 0605919 "theft of sprinklers from tobacco seed bed site

25/08/09 RRB 0605925 " Mrs Pambukani physically assaulted my manager Mr Charles Bizabani - assault case

26/08/09 RRB 0605928 "Mrs Pambuakani removed sprinklers and proceeded to attack and damage tobacco seedlings at seed bed site and then stole said sprinklers.

29/08/09 RRB 0605938 "malicious damage to property - spraying seedlings with herbicide - worth approximately US$400 000.00

On a daily basis, myself and my workers and especially my manager, Mr Bizabani, are harassed and constantly being told to stop farming or work of any nature.

Kenneth Bartholomew

Wakefield Farm,


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