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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The police

Please send this out immediately if you can. I was singled out by a policeman at the intersection of the Convent and Catholic Cathederal in Harare today.

A young aggressive Policeman shouted that I had gone through a red light. I said I had not and he said that was under arrest. “ you people think you can just get away with anything”.

He jumped into the car and said that I had resisted arrest and made me drive into the centre of Harare towards Central Police station and said that people like me need to see what real law is like.

I challenged him for not wearing his seat belt and that made him uneasy and said it was my word against his.

I pulled over and started to make a phone call. He said that it was not allowed. I told him it was my right. I phoned Hilary and whilst on the phone asked him to give me his name rank and number. He refused. I asked him to say where he was taking me. He refused.

Hilary reminded me of the phone numbers to call when being harrassed that were in the car. I started to dial the number and he told me that my one call was done. I said it was still legal as it was to the police.

Whereby he became very jumpy and told me that I had been forgiven.

A horrible scare as it appeared that he seemed to have orders to make Friday afternoon arrests.

Please advise friends and family to stay clear of that intersection. This happened at about 2:15pm this Fri afternoon.
Rob Mackenzie
Dear Rose

The exact same thing happened to me. I told them that I know my rights, I would report to the police station the next day ( refused to offer bribe) I did report to Central Police station the next day, they knew nothing about it! It is pure intimidation to try and get money. They stop my son, who is only 16 , nearly every week, and he lands up giving them cash - I have told him not to any more. He is however, quite good about telling them that he knows his rights. For example they try and get in his car and he locks them out, saying that they are not allowed by law to enter his vehicle.... I wish we could all get together and report this corruption and get it stopped, its bull@#*!!


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