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Friday, October 22, 2010

Warren Hills - Garden of Rest

I would like to bring to your attention and those of your readers that this "Garden of Rest" looks more like a "Garden of Destruction". It is not attended to at all by any municipal employee and I am sure there must be some there although they remain invisible. Ninety percent of all plants are dead through no watering and only those that can survive the Zimbabwean winter such as bougainvilleas and stralitsias remain.

Perhaps more importantly, every single metal name plaque has been stolen.

The pathways are void of anybody's cherished memories of loved ones buried there. More recently, granite plaques have replaced the metal ones. What is of concern is - do the people of Zimbabwe know of this destruction and do they want to do something about it? Well they can if they act sooner rather than later and put granite plaques up. It requires some cash and effort but at least the memories will be preserved. It is only a matter of time before the record keeping of names and numbers of their places of rest end up in a complete state of disarray. Perhaps someone can take up the challenge of why the gardens are left unattended with Municipality or even employ our own gardeners as one section of the gravesites have done.

Please pass this on as I am sure if people knew about the disappearance of the memorial plaques, they would do something about it as we do not want our families and ancestors obliterated from history.


Peter Dobson


  1. My mother has/had a plaque on one of the pathways, I have no idea of the number all I know is that she died in 1966. How does one find out the if the pathway still exists.

    1. did you ever find out how to get this information anonymous?