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Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi everyone, I thought I would warn all of you of what is happening in our neighbourhoods. Yesterday morning at around 10:15 am, our gate intercom rang, the maid answered it and a gentleman said that he wanted to see her. So she went to the gate, but fortunately for us all, she did not open the gate, she peeped through the letterbox to see who it was. To her amazement she saw two gentlemen wearing leather jackets, balaclava’s,

sun hats and she saw the one putting a gun in his jacket. At this stage she asked what they wanted again and they said that they wanted

to see the gardener this time. So she told them to wait whilst she called the gardener. She ran and found the gardener and they both

alerted the neighbours on either side of our property. They all converged on our gate but the robbers had fled. When reporting to the

police shortly afterwards, they were informed that we were the third report that morning!!!!! Please, please be aware of this, tell your domestics not to let anyone onto the premises, do not open the gate until they have made 100% sure of who is outside the gate.

Thankfully to a switched on domestic team, all our belongings are safe!! Be alert and in turn be safe Regards Mel Smith
Personal Assistant Kingdom Meikles Limited 7th Floor, 99 Jason Moyo Ave HARARE Tel: 252068-78. Direct Line: 252064

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