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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The new vehicle Laws

“Just my two cents...

Fire Ext for diesel vehicles? Not likely, as combustion factor would be slight...

Fire Ext for petrol vehicles? Who in right mind is going to stand by a vehicle full of burning petrol fuel, knowing it could explode...?? Again, not likely!

In the main the proposal is problematic and ludicrous, unless the fire ext is in the hands of an experienced individual with presence of mind to ascertain extent of danger first.

A mother with small children, using an extinguisher, or running for safety? What would any sensible person do? Of course, head for safety...

Vehicles are insured...accept your loss and keep your family safe and run.

The fire ext component of the safety proposal is not really benefitting the general public in the main. However, the two triangles and reflective vest might prove useful..”

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