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Friday, October 22, 2010


Please be careful when employing maids. There is a woman called "RUMBIDZAI MUSEKIWA" born 5 March 1980. She uses the false name "FLORENCE MANHIMANZI" and claims she's born in 1978 & 32 years old.

She uses false particulars, you employ her thinking you have her I.D number and full details. She copies your house keys and when she knows everyone is not around, brings in people and steals your whole household property.

I have been robbed by her when my whole family was out. I took her to the police only to discover her real name.

Apparently there is no charge against using false names and false particulars.

She managed to get away with theft.

This could help someone, I have been a victim, don't fall in the same trap too.

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