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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kathleen Palmer children’s home.

From: Rodney Beadon

I am appealing to you for your help to feed the children at the Children of the Kathleen Palmer children’s home. This is situated in Christon bank. My visit out there on Saturday was very sad the children have been going days without meals and the house mother has not been paid for six months. Her son is helping to work at the home and her sister is sending food out when she can.

It’s a sad story and fortunately the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke will be helping with their long term needs. Immediately they are without lights and monthly food stuff. They have asked for candles but with young children there is always the risk of terrible burns and accidents. A suitable lighting system is available to them at the cost of US$1234.00, this will light the home and provide some kind of Security for them.

Below is there monthly groceries requirements. I can get price for those who want to send money rather than actual food stuff. All money donations can be sent to the Rotary Club of Borrowdale Brooke account. Details available on request.

Monthly Groceries list

8 litters cooking oil
10kg rice
4 pkts spaghetti
4kg milk powder
4kg sugar
60 pkts zap snack (these are used for the children’s school lunch)
8 kg meat
60 eggs
Sweets (optional treat for the children)
2 pkts potatoes
3 usavi mix
1 box curry powder
20 kg soap powder
8kg margarine
10 bottles peanut butter
8 kg beans
5 bars of bath soap
10kg flour
Baking soda
Baking powder
Candles 10pkts

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