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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be careful !

On Wednesday 12 January, my friends were in town with their 3 kids all under 12 years of age – parked near Coventry Road area, when they saw a hand come through the back window of their car, trying to grab on to the little girl who is 9 years old – their first thoughts were that he was just trying to grab something on the seat – they managed to hit him and he gave up and went away. Not knowing they were now being followed, they then carried onto Manica Freight – husband went in to sort papers for their new car that had just arrived, when the same back door was yanked open and this African man was shouting “come my boy, come my boy” and had grabbed hold of the same little girl and was trying to take her. There were 4 men and they were driving a black BMW. The mum managed to get out of her seat quickly and went round and started hitting the guy with the door. Who then luckily in the end gave up.

I don’t have the exact full details but managed to get the basics as they were too shaken up to speak about it fully over the phone on Wednesday afternoon and they live out of town– but I wanted to get an email out to everyone as soon as possible to just BE CAREFUL – TRAVEL WITH ALL YOUR DOORS LOCKED, IF YOU HAVE SEATBELTS IN THE BACK TRY & GET YOUR KIDS TO WEAR THEM, AND IF POSSIBLE TRY NOT TO LEAVE YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR ON THEIR OWN, AND KEEP YOUR KIDS IN SIGHT. Whether there is a Gang going around looking for kids to kidnap or they were just chancers we don’t know, but these guys were clearly VERY determined, since they tried to take the same little girl TWICE.

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