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Friday, January 21, 2011

From: Andy and Linda Fussell [] In response to the con men at Borrowdale, my 78 year old mother was conned into letting a group of back yard mechanics at the Strathaven shopping centre repair her car after a puddle of water was found underneath the parked car.  They topped up the radiator, and followed her home.  Within moments the water pump was taken out to be replaced. When the old car was still overheating, the head cylinder gasket was replaced. Then the car couldn’t be started because the clutch needed an overhaul.  While torqueing down the head it was ‘discovered’ that the brake cylinders and pads needed to be replaced.  The drums needed to be skimmed and the tie rod ends replaced. My husband had to threaten them with calling the police to get rid of them. The end cost was $3 500 for a 1980 pulsar! These guys operate out of Tynwald and prey on elderly people who may experience a problem at the shopping centre.  They also do resprays and repairs, and have been hanging around the area for some time. They are now using our name as a reference!

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